Alegria del Mar is a unique vacation rental home with rare south-facing views looking sixty miles down the coast to the westernmost point in California. Perched 250 feet above the open Pacific in the lovely seaside village of Trinidad 300 miles north of San Francisco, Alegria  is an ideal environment for family gatherings and personal or group retreats -- spacious, tranquil, exquisite, yet affordable. Our home accommodates up to nine guests with a dining room table that seats 8-10 and an ocean-view kitchen with enough room for two or three cooks. Most rooms look out to sea, south and west down the coast. With the sound of waves making landfall hundreds of feet below the environment is naturally meditative.

     The house features an array of artwork gathered from remote corners of the earth. At the end of a garden path one meets the cliff's edge, a perfect place from which to view sunsets and their miraculous afterglow.  Adirondack chairs placed throughout the gardens offer ample opportunities to pause, gaze and reflect. While Alegria is located just outside a seaside village, once within its perimeter one enters a world of one’s own, with a timeless spaciousness, grounded in the earth and ocean, yet soaring on the wings of gulls and sea breezes.

     Opportunities for adventure abound in easy walking and driving distance. Within a ten-minute drive is a wide range of seaside environments ranging from broad swaths of open beach and secluded coves to dramatic cliffs and offshore sea stacks. All are lightly frequented and one often finds oneself the only one in sight along the shore.

     Ask us about special arrangements for your family gathering, personal or group retreat. We offer special rates for extended stays of a week or more and deep discounts in the equally delightful winter months. Join us for a gentle break from the pressures of everyday routines and regain a sense of perspective on life's enduring pleasures.