Dell'Arte Theater 

Dell'Arte is a world-renowned, community-based institution specializing in physical theater -- both mime and spoken works, most of them original pieces. Dell'Arte includes a school attracting students from around the world and offering a three-year MFA program. Many graduates have gone on to work with Cirque du Soleil and other widely known troupes. Dell'Arte also serves as the site for other community events like the Humboldt Folk Festival and Mad River Festival, both held in its outdoor amphitheater during the summer months.

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Center Arts, Humboldt State University

World-class performances in highly diverse performing arts held in Van Duzer Auditorium on the Humboldt State University campus. Center Arts audiences are favored by performing troupes for their wildly enthusiastic responses.

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Arcata Farmer's Market (April to November) 

Held on the Arcata Plaza every Saturday morning (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) between April and Thanksgiving, the Arcata Farmer's Market is one of the region's most festive and cherished events, with informal dancers, jugglers, food stands, spinners, and others accompanying the farmers. Each week a local live band, spanning musical genres from Andes to bluegrass, serenades the festivities. 

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Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs 

Saunas, hot tubs, a European-style cafe with a wide range of foreign periodicals and live music on weekends. A birch-lined pond between grass-thatched hot tub and sauna cabins offers a tranquil setting for sipping and reading.

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Trinidad Museum and Library

Trinidad's museum and library have been recently built in a new park across from Murphy's Market. The museum includes much Yurok history and many Native American artifacts as well as more recent history since the entry of white settlers and early twentieth century whaling. 

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Restaurants and Food


The Beachcomber Cafe 

A community favorite with home-baked pastries and breads, lunch offerings, and comfy sofas and chairs for lingering and conversation. Local art adorns the walls. Across the street from Trinidad School.

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Larrupin Cafe 

Artfully designed setting and well-prepared dinners, a local and tourist favorite for fine dining. On Patrick's Point Drive where it meets Stagecoach Road. 

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Moonstone Grill

In a stunning setting looking just above beach level down Moonstone and Clam beaches, Moonstone Grill includes a full bar.

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Lighthouse Grill

 Local fare and occasional live music across from Murphy's Market in downtown Trinidad.

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Sunset Restaurant

Lovely views of Trinidad Head and bay are accompanied by a fine dining menu. Attached to Cherae Heights Casino but accessible via a separate entrance just north of the casino's main entrance.

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Murphy's Market

A full-service grocery with both conventional and organic foods, dishes prepared on site, an extensive selection of local and regional wines and cheeses, and summer barbecues on weekends. Open from early to late.

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Renata's Creperie 

Crepes with organic ingredients in a snug cafe beside the Arcata Theater, with unique wall murals. 

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Folie Douce

A brick oven for pizzas and other baked dishes, a substantial wine list and diverse menu of seafoods, meats and vegetarian dishes.

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Brick-lined walls give Abruzzi a cozy feel. Specializing in Italian regional dishes.

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A lunch spot that's a favorite for both flavor and price among students at nearby HSU.

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Sushi Spot

Japanese specialties for lunch and dinner with affordable prices and good service.

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Tomo Japanese Restaurant

Sushi, sashimi, teriyaki and other Japanese specialties. 

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Paul's Live from New York

Italy by way of Queens.

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Cover photo: Dell'Arte Theater (credit)